Levy Affiliated is a real estate investment firm that acquires and manages assets throughout the United States. The Company focuses on the acquisition of value-add commercial properties in the southwestern U.S.

Levy Affiliated was founded in 1988 by Shaoul J. Levy. Over the last 15 years, Levy Affiliated has sourced, negotiated and executed 75 transactions totaling nearly $630 million across various property types and financing structures.

The Company‚Äôs current portfolio of 41 properties has an estimated market value of over $500 million, containing a mix of retail centers, office buildings and apartment complexes, ranging from Hawaii to North Carolina, but largely concentrated in Southern California.

To maximize investor returns and control, the Company is vertically integrated with over 50 employees across acquisitions, accounting, asset management, leasing, and construction.

Levy Affiliated invests in real estate on behalf of high net worth individuals, family trusts and institutional investors.

To date, 19 properties have been sold, allowing investors to realize a weighted average leveraged return of 67% per year on realized investments and a 4.0x equity multiple.

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